Monday, December 1, 2008

Playoff Bound

Together we stand! Devided we fall! A team reunited this week brings happy times. Victory is sweetest when you share it with a team of guys who play there hearts out. I give much props to Franchise for putting up a fight and pushing us to play throughout the game. What a way to head into the playoffs. Scoring 5 TD's and coming away with a game ending INT in my eyes is enough momentum to carry us through to the "Big Show". With a host of sure handed veteran receivers, the "S&S Connection" (Showoff & Shark) hooking up for TD after TD, the "Body Shop" steam rolling all on comers, the tight grip of the "Cuffs" (Chuck & Yunus) clinging to any WR's who dare to line up in front of them, the "Skill" "Speed" "Will" and the 'Greed" to gain yards that our RB's posess, and the growling hunger in the Belly of the Beast (Da Firm) that can only be satisfied with the unique florvors found only in a championship victory. Fair warning to all teams in the playoffs this season: Bring ya "A" game bitches! Cause Da Firm is "NOTHIN BUT DA TRUTH"!!!
This weeks Get Money! shoutouts: The "Glove" Get Money! for a great TD reception this week bring his season total to 3. "Smoke" Get Money! for a Crafty TD reception this week bringing him to a total of 4 on the season."Ponytail" Lou Get Money! for bringing
in a walkoff INT our 1st of the season. This weeks "Best of the Best" Get Money! shoutout goes to the "S&S Connection" "Shark" Gets a bundle of Money! for having an outstanding 3 TD game. Which gives him a season total of 9 placing him in 2nd in the league for TD receptions, behind "Moreno" of "Underated" with 11. "Showoff" Gets a bundle of Money! for having 5 outstanding TD passes this week and completing the regular season 2nd in the league in passing TD's with a wopping 30 behind "Ottie" from "Bomb Squad" with 36. Great job Fellas! Now let's Kick some ass in the playoff.
Coach Drama's words to the league:


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sad! Silly! Sorry! Stupid! UNEXCEPTABLE!!!

This weeks performance was SAD! to say the least. Even being short a number of key players for the game it's no excuse for Da Firm to go through all the SILLY! nonsence that occured during the game this weekend. All be it we didn't performe the way we should with or without a full team it's still real SORRY! to see a group of veteran, well seasoned athletes behave the way we did this week. To engage in arguments, complain about miss reads, give up on your teamates, show frustration and throw tantrums all while the game is still being played is just STUPID! We experienced a major breakdown in communication this week and that is totally UNEXCEPTABLE!!! I expect more self control outta my veterans and look forward to rebounding next week against Franchise. I can't wait to get back to Da Firm's way of playing ball. Punishing the opposing defense and smothering the opposing offense.
This weeks Get Money! Shoutouts: Rubin aka "shut up and play!" Get Money! for A great TD reception This week. Our only one for the game.Skeeta Get Money! for a great rushing game and banging out a number of great blocks. This weeks "Best of the Best" Get Money! Shoutout goes to "Ponytail" lou for once again demonstrating what dedication and teamwork is all about. Thanks Lou and welcome back. Coach drama's words to the league:


A Perfect Combination

I think of Da Firm as a combination lock. The only way to open the gates to what would be Da Firm's 1st championship, would be to put together the perfect combination of numbers (players) to open the lock. I feel like this season I have done that. However with a couple of inactive player and some others who are out on personals for the last 2 weeks, it seems as if the lock has been shut and the combination a bit scrambled.
A loss to a Main Event team that only had 8 players active is not my idea of what a push twards the big show should look like. I'm expecting another week of struggles as we are not do to have back the rest of our players until Thanksgiving weekend. I still feel like we can get these next 2 games even though it won't be a cake walk. D-Block is an experienced team and Franchise has gotten stronger week by week. As for Main Event "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY ARE!! WE LET EM' OFF THE HOOK!! lol!
This weeks Get Money! shoutouts. Yunus Get Money! for his TD reception. Tough game defensively for one half of the "Cuffs" let's pick him up next week. The "Shark" Get Money! for another TD reception this week. Joe "Showoff " Get Money! for throwing another 3 TD game. This weeks "Best of the Best" Get Money! shoutout goes to "Ironman" Ant for having a TD reception to go along with a couple of 40 yard catches to put us in scoring position. Keep it up fellas, Keep me writing. Coach Drama's words to the leauge:


Sunday, November 9, 2008


Looking good and feeling good about your team, doesn't always have to come with victory. Da Firm learned this week that even in defeat it's possible to show signs of a championship caliber team. While we lost this week to Bomb Squad we also saw a side of Da Firm that has been lacking in the past. It was evident this week that even in tough games against championship teams we will not roll over and and play dead. After badly wounding the hearts of Bomb Squads entire team with a beautifully executed on side kick by "Swaz" we scored a TD which brought us within a 1 point conversion of tying the game. During our extra point attempt "Spooky" one of the refs decided to play doctor and stop the bleeding by refusing to throw his flag for illegal contact in the end zone which was obvious to everyone in the area except himself. (HUH!) Anyway our statement was made and you can now add Bomb Squad to the list of teams that don't wanna see us in the playoffs.

Here are this weeks Get Money! shout outs. Once again this week our defense Get Money! Even though we were a few starters light and a little banged up, they still got 2 necessary stops at key points of the game and basically shut Bomb Squad down on extra points. "Pipa" Get Mad Money! for having 1 TD reception and a outstanding rushing TD to bring us within 1 point of tying the game. "Iron Man" Ant Get Money! for having 2 outstanding 40 plus yard catches. Joe "Showoff" Get Money! for compleating four 40 plus yard passes this week and also ringing up another 3 TD passes. The "Shark" Get Money! for leading the team in reception again this week one of which was a 50 plus yards and 2 others which were TD's bringing his TD total to 5 on the season. For this weeks last but without a dought not least Get Money! shout out I'm gonna go in a different direction and I'm sure u will all agree. Our kickoff team Get Money! for our 1st successful on side kick which kept our chances of winnig the game alive. Especially to "Swazo" for kicking it perfect and "Chuck" for recovering it. Keep me writing fellas I'm enjoying this. Coach Drama's words to the league:


Sunday, November 2, 2008


With all that no show Joe that Death Row was talking this week, it just made it that much sweeter to witness the death of the Row. lol In true QB fashion Joe "Showoff" lead us to another victory with well placed and well timed passes. Although Death Row put up a fight, they proved to be no match for the well rounded Firm team. Now that all our light work is behind us it's time to play some real ball against some real teams. lol Let's put the women and children to bed and go looking for our chip. Da Firm is 4-1 and on a hell of a run. Let's Get It!
As always a Get Money! shoutout goes to our defense. Even being short 3 starting defenders and battling through a game where the refs had a case of the runs with flags pouring out their asses. They still pulled through and got the neccesary stops. "Showoff " Get Money! for having another 3 TD passing game. The "Shark" And "Smoke Get Money! for having a Td catch this week. Coy aka the "Glove" Get Money! for having 1 TD catch and 1 rushing TD this week. Pipa Get Money! for having 2 rushing TD's this week. This weeks "Best For Last" shoutout goes to our entire "Body Shop". Pipa, BIG Lou, the "Shark", "Iron Man" Ant and "Tise" Get Money! for hitting the switches and putting Death Row's defense in the electric chair this week. OH SHIT !!! LMAO
Coach Drama's words to the league:


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trust Wins Championships

With a veteran team as our opponents for week 4, we had to strap down and regain our composure for the first time this season. The team had to really put there trust in our QB Joe "Showoff" Soto. We started the game off on a high note thanks to "Showoff" and Kraz aka the "Shark" hooking up on a 50 yard TD pass. We quickly went up 13-0 on a TD pass to "Tise" after our defense ( the best in the league) shutdown the 1st drive of veteran QB Tony and his always competitive "Nile" team. Soon after we began to loose momentum as our confidence over shadowed our game plan. Here's where trust may have won us the game. After becoming frustrated with the way the offense was behaving, Joe "Showoff" asked the refs to singal us into half time with 21 sec left on the clock and the ball in our possession. This was an excellent decision because at this point the score was 13-12 and with a frustrated offense on the field, one mistake could have sent us into half time down a TD. After calling the half and giving an animated speech to the team, "Showoff" then came out in the second half and regained control once again proving to the league that we are truely a force to be reckoned with. As we routed the "Nile" 31-18 with controlled offense and outstanding defense.

Get Money! Shout outs go to my entire defense lead by co captains "Iron Man" Ant and "Skida" for again making us the talk of the league this week. Yunus Get Money! for having another 2 Int game bringing his total to a league leading 6 for the seaon. "Jr Boy" Ray Get Money! and a huge welcome back for a big Int in the end-zone to end a huge drive for the "Nile". Ruben aka "Shut up and play!" Get Money! for his Int in the second half and holding down a tough receiver throughout the game. Ant Get Money! for sacking "Crazy Legs" Tony 3 times and rushing him into throwing 4 Int's. As for the offense QB Joe "Showoff" Soto Get Money! for demanding the trust of the team and throwing 4 Td passes this week bringing his total to 14 for the season. Tise Get a Bag of Money! for 3 TD catches this week giving him a total of 5 for the season and holding Steph to zero catches for the "Nile" offense. Wise get money for stepping up to fill a huge roll in our offense (RB) also toughing out the kick returns and defense. This week last but without a dought not least Kraz aka the "Shark" Get Money! for starting the game with an outstanding TD catch and ending the game with one of his several 1st down catches of the day. Way To Go FIRM! Coach "Drama's" words to the league:


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Fill a balloon with hot air and it will rise above the earth. Fill Da Firm with confidence and they'll rise above their league. The Trojans now know that Da Firm is " Nothin But The Truth". The buzz around the field on Saturday, was that Da Firm has the best corners in the league and we are one of the top 3 all around teams in the league. The only way to back that statement up is to send "The Nile" home floating in the Hudson River next week. So Let's Get It!!

One would think I hit the Mega Millions the way im passing out money this week. Going out and playing the way we did for the last few weeks I feel like I finnally hit the jackpot with the team I have. So I'm enjoying myself, feel free to join me. lol! Here we go, First out the gate once again "Ponytail" (Lou) even after being seriously injured this week came out and showed the heart of a lion. Holding his man to zero catches and coming away with his 3rd INT of the season "Ponytail" (Lou) Gets a Big Bag of Money! Chuck and Yunus aka "The Cuffs" Get Money! Chuck for his 2 INT's and great TD catch and Yunus for his 2 INT's. Coy aka "The Glove" Get Money! for his outstanding TD catch. Jose aka "Kraz", Tise and Joey "Smoke" Get Money! Their TD catches. My first unit offense aka " Bodyshop" Get Money! for another week of punishing the opposing defense. The " Body Shop" mechanics are Big Lou,Kraz,Pipa, Anthony aka"Iron man" and Marktise. Also my RB Antwan "2wizz" Get Money! for Being a problem child outta the back field. Last but without a dought not least I gotta give a Bundle of Money! to my Pilot Joe "Showoff" Soto. lol! for 5 TD passes and once again bringing us in for a safe landing. Coach Drama's Words To The League: